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The Elephants Tale

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In the spirit world the past is never lost.

Spiritchaser follows a girl's journey of discovery, as she is led by whimsical supernatural beings through a series of fantastical Burmese encounters to unravel the essence of her identity. Fused with gentle narratives with fantastical dreamscapes she finds herself amongst the pagodas, old libraries, buddhist monks and spirit dancers, on a journey over the plains of mythical Bagan, surrounded by buddhas, golden lions and mystical eggs.


race of giants |ˈrog |

company (statement deep thought* on content strategy)

1.… a studio for big ideas.

2. Race of Giants is a content creation and development studio. The aim of the studio is to develop and nuture original content for cross-platform entertainment such as film, television, traditional gaming platforms and emerging entertainment environments such as the Internet of Things and mobile technologies such as toys.

ORIGIN early: from going back to the source, from Greek stratēgiawalking in the footsteps of the masters’, from we stand on our peers to see the ocean (see AWESOME).

*also a computer.

strategy |ˈstratɪdʒi|

noun (pl. strategies)

1. a plan of action designed to achieve a long-term or overall aim: time to develop a coherent economic strategy | [ mass noun ] : shifts in marketing strategy.

2. the art of planning.

ORIGIN early 19th cent.: from French stratégie, from Greek stratēgiageneralship’, from stratēgos (see STRATAGEM).


noun (also contents)

1. the things that are held or included in something. To hold together. See {Contain}.


  • contentless  adjective (example derivative content)
  • to limit (oneself) in requirements, desires, or actions.


“Do not content yourselves with obscure and confused ideas, where clearer are to be attained.” — I. Watts.

knowledge | ˈnɒlɪdʒ |

noun [ mass noun ]

1. facts, information, and skills acquired through experience or education; the theoretical or practical understanding of a subject: a thirst for knowledge.

  • the sum of what is known: the transmission of knowledge.
  • understanding, as opposed to opinion.

ORIGIN Middle English (originally as a verb in the sense ‘acknowledge, recognize’, later as a noun): from Old English (see KNOW).

An interactive App for Tiny Hands

The Elephants Story

now available in the Apple App Store

1. The Elephants Story tells the tale of the magnificent White Elephant and his dramatic encounter with a Tiger deep in the Jungle. Filled with interactive features and vibrant art this story is the perfect length for bedtime.

VISIT the website www.theelephantsstory.com or download from the app store.

Available in the Apple App Store